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Amazing Remembrance Gifts - 5 most frequently asked questions

Amazing Remembrance Gifts - 5 most frequently asked questions

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    Understanding Remembrance Gifts - 5 most frequently asked questions

    When someone who means a lot to your life passes away, you can't take it for granted, you're bound to have regrets and nostalgia. Not only for those close to you, but also for the families who have lost someone, this is both a shock and a wound for them. Sending a gift in memory of the ordinary heroes in this life will keep them alive in your heart forever.

    “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” – Maya Angelou

    Remembrance Gifts or Sympathy Gift says “Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.”

    The gift of sympathy can be complicated. However, as long as you understand deeply enough, you can completely comfort friends or family through gifts.

    1.  Are Remembrance Gifts (or sympathy gifts) appropriate? 

     Are Remembrance Gifts (or sympathy gifts) appropriate?

    Everyone loves to receive gifts, and sure that others have loved ones leaving, gifts can be especially helpful during difficult times. Sometimes a gift of condolence that may not be appropriate is a flower, because it is not a religious tradition in the person's religion, nor in the Jewish faith. Also, if you are providing food, make sure you know the dietary requirements of the recipient.

    There are many other types of personalized Sympathy gifts you can give, such as candles, framed canvas, comfort blankets, mugs, photo memory gifts, or even just a beautiful card to express your condolences.   

    2. When should I send the Remembrance Gifts (or sympathy gifts)?

    When should I send the Remembrance Gifts (or sympathy gifts)?

    As soon as you learn of the death, send a sympathy gift or at the very least a card. At the very least, within a few weeks, the individual knows you haven't forgotten about them.

    If you are particularly close to the deceased, or the family, you could give a more personalized gift later on, such as a Custom Memory Photo Gift or Personalized Remembrance Blanket which requires more planning or thought.  Sometimes, months or even years after a death, families arrange memorial services or ceremonies for dispersing the ashes, which might be a suitable moment for a more personal gift.

    3. To whom or where should the gift be sent?

    To whom or where should the memorial gift be sent?

    It all depends on how close you were to the dead or their family. Send a present to your friends and family if you don't know the dead individual well but are close to their family. If the deceased was a family member, you can speak to the closest relative. You can give presents to the deceased's immediate relatives, such as their parents, spouse, or children, if they were a close friend of yours.

    4. What are appropriate Remembrance Gifts?

    - Personalized Sympathy Gifts 

    What are appropriate Remembrance Gifts?- Personalized Sympathy Gifts

    Sending sympathy flowers is the most traditional way to express your sympathy and they are suitable for almost any situation.

    However, sympathetic gifts are gifts that show you care. Any gift shows that you have made an effort. It will be even better if you make a special personalized gift, such as putting the deceased person's photo on wall art with meaningful sayings, or honoring their life with canvas prints with dates and names dedicated to them, it will be a great comfort to the bereaved.

    For the best sympathy gift ideas, visit our Condolences Gifts Collection.

    5. What should I give someone when a family member dies?


    What should I give someone when a family member dies? memorial wall art canvas gift


    We understand your grief and grief for those who have passed, however, they cannot leave if they are always in your heart.

    Gifts that last forever can be treasured and given again long after the initial shock has passed. Examples of ultimate gifts might be custom canvas wall art with the name of a deceased loved one, an inspirational poem printed on canvas, a quote that person will always remember while they were alive. There is nothing more wonderful than choosing a wall art, or blanket with their image to pay tribute to the brave life they have gone through.

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    Sympathy meaning quotes on remembrance wall art gifts

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