Memorial Canvas Poodle Canvas Art Canvas Someday

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“Someday Sometimes when you're feeling sad, when all you want is me.
I softly sit and gently put my head upon your knee.
Some nights when your heart does ache, worn out by tears you weep,
I quietly lie beside you as you sleep.
Somewhere far beyond this place, a land where all are free,
I'm calmly watching over you, and waiting patiently.
Someday when the time is right, your voice will call to me, 
and I'll come running like the wind, someday ....wait and see”

Losing your cherished pet seems to be the hardest thing in your life. Understand your deep sorrow, we are willing to share it with you from our hearts. Let’s our Poodle Canvas Art would become your remembrance gift whenever you miss him or her so much. With meaningful messages, the canvas would soothe your soul and refresh your mind during tough times. 

Our stunning gift store family always hopes to share your feelings with our best Poodle Collection. Let's overcome this pain together!