How To Protect Your Big Canvas Print To Keep It In The Best Condition

On our store, there are 5 most common canvas sizes: 11×14, 16×20, 20×24, 24×30, 30×40 respectively and these aren’t too big so it’s quite easy to give as a gift.

In case you need larger canvases like hanging it in the living room to enhance the aesthetics of your home, a large canvas is a pretty suitable and interesting choice.

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Great BIG Canvas is the leader in canvas prints. No one else can produce the large sizes of canvases that we can. Our BIG canvas prints are printed and stretched in-house by our skilled craftsmen. The images come ready to hang with easy-adjust hanging hardware. Discover art that will make an impact in your home or office.

We can take several sizes of this type of canvas such as: 16×32, 20×40, 16×48, 30×60. Therefore, there are many choices that you can choose and put in your house as a favor.

How to Take Care of It as Great Status in Your Own Space

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1. Avoid direct sunlight

Hanging your canvas in a well-lit area will contribute to better color contrast. Along with the combination of surrounding objects will contribute to making the work of the version more aesthetically pleasing than ever.

However, you should also make sure your big canvas is kept away from sunlight as it increases its duration over time. Most canvas prints are sprayed with a UV-resistant coating, but direct sunlight day after day can still cause your print to fade over time.

2. Hang it appropriately

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The structure and characteristics of each wall type can be different, so you should consider when choosing the most suitable weight for your large wall art.

The surface structure of the wall is quite flat, so the best way is to have the two eye hooks attached to the back of the frame. This helps the picture to be linked with the wire more firmly and you do not have to spend too much time adjusting its position.

On top of that, choosing this way to hang your big canvas also helps you keep it balanced without having to attach more screws to the wall. That ensures the aesthetics of the wall if you later want to remove or move it to other places. How awesome and an interesting tip for your house!

Taking a backup in another place in the house to hang your canvas in case you want to change for some simple reasons that you may not think about but can happen. Specifically, you should hang it in a high position, out of the reach of children and pets. Although this can be a fairly simple tip, it will be very helpful if a picture can fall and cause injury to children and elderly family members.

3. Save it in the not too hot, not too cold temperature

Regardless of whether you want to hang it or taking down it, you can consider keeping it away from extreme temperatures. You can keep it at a temperature between 21 and 24 degrees, which helps you to ensure the quality of the product for longer.
Furthermore, you should also keep them out of reach of places with extreme temperature variations such as the kitchen or close to a window.

Always keep the big canvas away from direct sunlight. In addition, ceiling lights or other types of lamps that emit high temperatures can also affect the quality of canvas paitings over time. Or if the space to hang pictures in your home is not too large, you should at least ensure a fairly distance from appliances that radiate large amounts of heat.

4. Keep it away from dust with a soft cleaner

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Although it is a big canvas designed through modern technology and extremely meticulous with high durability, it is also susceptible to dust and discoloration if used for a long time. When it’s time for a cleaning, use a feather duster to wipe off the surface of the print. Never rub the print with your fingers or nails to remove dust or other debris, since that can scratch the print material.

If you need more cleaning power, try using a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Move the cloth in circles rather than pressing and rubbing, and make sure the cloth isn’t so wet that it’s dripping water all over your canvas print.

5. Never use chemicals

There are actually a lot of cleaning products out there that will damage your canvas permanently. Besides, there are several types with a variety of colors that can stain your canvas without being easy to remove.
One of our revelations for you is to use a soft brush to clean the canvas, it not only helps you remove stains easily but also saves you time.

Those are 5 tips that we would like to give to you as a gift that we can save time to care for your big canvas.


beach wall art personalized large canvas print couple name gifts for her gifts for him stunning gift store anniversary gift ideas

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